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Sheyenne Valley Special Education Unit services approximately 222 students with special education needs in six area school districts:  Barnes County North, Hope, Page, Maple Valley, Oakes, and Valley City.  SVSEU employees approximately 31 certified staff  and 35 para educators.

Director’s Calendar:

December 3:  ND PCBL-Fargo all day/VC Professional Development Meeting

December 4:  CPI Training in Page AM/Online Learning Meeting-VC PM

December 5:  Oakes AM/ACCJamestown PM

December 6:  Jefferson AM/Washington & HeadStart PM


December 9:  Washington AM/VC PM

December 10:  appointment AM/Head Start PM

December 11:  IDEA Advisory Meeting-Bismarck

December 12:  Jamestown AM (Region VI Transition Mtg)/Jefferson PM

December 13:  Jefferson

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