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Sheyenne Valley Special Education’s Family Education Enhancement Team’s (FEET) purpose is to educate and support families of children with special needs , as well as educators (regular education and special education) and the communities in which they live. FEET meets several times a year at the SVSEU Office and is comprised of parents, educators, and administrators.

FEET publishes a biannual newsletter, Parents SPEAK, to address challenges unique to parenting and educating children with special needs.  If you’d like to attend a meeting, contribute an article, or have an idea for an article, please contact Tracey Zaun at 845-3402 or

FEET Committee Members:

Donna Lemer, Parent

Darla Jacobson, Parent and Educator

Patty Oberlander, ECSE Teacher

Sara Aberle, Special Education Strategist

Tracey Zaun, Director of Special Education

Joshua Johnson, Superintendent Valley City Public School

FEET Newsletter Fall 2015